The Corvinus Family.

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The Corvinus Family.

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Helena Corvinus Created the original group called the Corvinus Clan. Alexander stole the name and the Group. She passed the group to him because she had an emergancy. However, we made this website instead of using the IMVU Forums. We can do more and enjoy ourselves here.
This is our Forum. Welcome to the Family and if you don't like us: Get Out.

Rules: Respect one another.
Do not troll in our rooms.
Do not have sex with keen ( No Incest. Ever.)
No  God-Modding.
No Auto-Kills or Hits.
Don't be afraid to ask questions.
When someone is getting corrected it is important you stay silent and listen.
Don't make assumptions!
Do Not Ever Flirt Helena Corvinus: That is dangerous and it will lead to a slow painful death.
Do Not Ever Flirt With Solus Crathygtan: I'm going to guess that will lead to a quick death.
No Cursing on the Forum. Ever.
No sexual content on the forum.
Don't make attacks in our name or with out our permission.
No Macro Gaming. No Meta Gaming.
Macro Gaming:  Pre-writing a post or using the post over again.
Use proper etiquette. Try to use decent grammar.
Don't make me mad. Don't challenge me. I won't back down and you will die. Capeesh?

A few Role Play terms you should be familiar with.
Role-Play – Creating a character or two in which you write ‘storylines’ with other players who have created their own characters. In a sense, it is acting….only written.
Character – The made-up personality and being played by the player
Player – The person doing the typing
Storylines – Stories that are written by the players using their characters. Sometimes, the player who started the storyline has a specific plot in mind, sometimes not.
IC- short for ‘In Character’
OOC- Short for ‘Out Of Character’. Used when talking player to player behind the scenes.
BRB – Short for ‘Be Right Back’
GTG – Short for ‘Got To Go’
LOL – Short for ‘Laughing Out Loud’
RL – Real Life
RP – Role-Play
AFK- Short for ‘Away from keyboard’
BIC – Short for ‘Back In Character’. Used when players are finished talking to each other behind the scenes and talking as their characters again.
GM – Short for "Game Master" or “God Mod” keep an eye on the sentence it is in.
Meta- short for Meta-Game, when a player takes character information that was given to them out of character ((Skype, face book, phone ,face to face)) and uses it in character to do harm or even not harm but have there character know more about the other players.
RPC- “Role Play Character”
NPC- “Non Player Character”

In our role play we allow you to play you, and no one else can play you without asking unless it is truly needed and the only one upon strict circumstances that can play you is the admin NO ONE else can play you or anything you hold control over, npcs, rpcs, anything. you are you and only you can play you properly. all npcs, rpcs, are owned by you and no one will play them other then you without asking first.

But under strict circumstances such as.
-you leave story line forcing the group as a whole to pause.
-you make a hole in storey line and it must be filled in
-you cause an ooc problem that is of a large enough scale for you to be removed.

I that over head is done by you, Anaya and only Anaya will play out the next part for you, be it any rpcs or npcs you hold going and leaving story line via trip, quest, death, the choice is up to the story line and what would best fit it.

In our Rp we try to create an environment that is open to both new and experienced role players.
We expect all players to be tolerant of each other.
We do not agree with the criticizing of others word craft.
All Role Play is valid as long as it is legal in the T-1 Rules.

All RP is consensual, this means that you should always be aware of another players likes and dislikes and RP limits.
If you are asked by another Player to Stop a conversation or an action OOC then you must stop.
RP is not an excuse to use rules to dominate other players.
Ask yourself what is the point of inflicting your RP upon another player who does not wish it or who does not intend to respond to your words or actions.
RP is not self Masturbation, e.g. it is Consensual sex, even when it is portraying Rape.
Understand this or expect to be ejected and Banned.

We are fans of reality and are keen that the roleplay is realistic to the ears as would be any similar RL City.
Therefore we are not against swearing and so called bad language being used in RP within the Form or on the client.
Even so, continually swearing in another players face with little or no RP backing it up can become intensely offensive.
Remember this, and use cursing and swearing only to punctuate your sentences, if this is how you perceive your Character to communicate.
But do not use it ignorantly or we may be forced to uphold complaints against you.
Strive to be creatively offensive in your language, not just ignorant and blunt.

In order to avoid In Character, IC, and Out of Character, OOC, confusion about what your character is saying, please use appropriate punctuation by putting quotes “ “ around what your character is saying, and no quotes around your actions.
Example -
“Who are you?” she asked, walking over to them.
Baal walks directly over to the red nosed guy who just questioned his actions, grabs his coat lapels lifting him slightly off the ground. Then he speaks in a low guttural voice “ You got a problem with that Rudolph”

A player is power-gaming when they make their character stronger than is deemed necessary.
People quickly tire of characters that always win.
Remember that this is a shared experience, be aware of the feedback your character takes and adjust it accordingly.

God Modding.
God modding is essentially the same as powergaming, only it focuses more on defense.
A player is Modding when they play that their character never gets hurt…or heals too quickly.

Example. A vampire getting stabbed in the heart and then for unknown reason getting back up again all better and well because she healed very fast
also another example would be. A player of demon race making a 7000000 foot high wall of fire this is known as a Godmod attack for it is far to large and unable in real life or fantasy to even create. Also if the wall of fire is 90000 F in a ring around you even if it is NOT touching you it is still classed as a Godmodded move for there is no way in real life or fantasy that anything is able to make a flame that hot.

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